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Each collection contains five pieces

Do you want to be a distributer? Do you want to have a Tapatucam with your own customized image?
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So... what is Tapatucam?

Tapatucam is the easy way to protecting your laptop against intruders. Clip it on to your computer and you're done.

Tapatucam is a way of making your computer awesome with super-sick designs, while at the same time protecting access to your webcam from unauthorized creeps

Who's bought Tapatucam?

Take a look at some photos sent in by people who already have Tapatucam
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I have more questions

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Can I customise my Tapatucam?

Of course! We already have many companies which have done so, as you can see in our picture gallery. You can order a customized set of Tapatucam for a minimum order of 100 pieces. Because the price will vary depending on how many Tapatucams you order, request a quote by sending an email to

How many different designs are there?

We currently have three collections with our own exclusive designs. Each collection contains 6 different models. We also have a collection of 6 plain Tapatucam. We will be adding new design on a regular basis.

Will Tapatucam scratch my screen?

Tapatucam is manufactured using a special mixture of rubber and polypropylene. The tests we have carried out in our laboratory have proven that using Tapatucam is perfectly safe for your screen.

Can I be part of the next big Celebgate like Jennifer Lawrence?

If you really want to be in all the papers and on every pervs hard disk, you only have to slide your Tapatucam to one side. When you want your privacy back, just slide Tapatucam back over your camera again.

What happens if I am unhappy with my Tapatucam?

If for some bizarre reason you are unhappy with your Tapatucam, write to us at and we'll arrange to send you your money back as soon as possible.

Will I be able to close my laptop's cover with Tapatucam in place?

All our attempts to close a laptop with a Tapatucam in place have been successful, so the short answer is YES. But again, it will depend on if you have a weird screen-locking system on your computer.

I want to distribute Tapatucam. What should I do?

You can start by purchasing our 100 pack here to try out our product, or you can contact us first at and we'll answer any question you may have.

Does it work on all laptops?

We have tested Tapatucam on a high number of computers available on the market and we have had a 99% success rate! Whether Tapatucam will fit on yours depends on the thickness of the screen, as well as on the your computer's screen-locking system. If Tapatucam turns out not to be right for your computer, write to us at

Couldn't I just cover the camera with some masking tape?

Sure! A tacky solution can be a perfectly valid one, but it will still be, you know, tacky.